sábado, 2 de octubre de 2010

The courage to resist new documentary by Flavio Signore, 7th of October

The Documentary director Flavio Signore and Concha Pinos director of Birmania por la Paz present THE COURAGE TO RESIST, a new documentary for school (30 m) and activists who will be the principal tool of the spanish campaign BIRMANIA POR LA PAZ for the Burmese Elections.

The short version release the 7th of October in special sesion in Gava and will be running in Spain and Latino America.
The long version including burmese elections of November 2010, will be release in spanish movies theater by the 10th of December. International Day of Human Rights.

Burma’s democratically elected Prime Minister, Aung San Suu Kyi, has been under house arrest since 1989, months after working for democratization of the country through founding the political party the National League For Democracy. Her election in 1990 was nullified and the military refused to hand over power to her. A student of Gandhi’s non-violent resistance, Suu Kyi is the 1991 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize. She has been offered her freedom if she leaves the country. She has refused and has sacrificed her freedom in an effort to free her country from military rule. She is currently still under house arrest.

We will be very happy with your support, please invite this documentary to your city.