viernes, 12 de noviembre de 2010


The members of the National Leader for Democracy (NLD) cleaned the secretariat room in their headquarters on Thursday in preparation for the release of Aung San Suu Kyi and her resumption of political leadership.

“We are all busy working to welcome Daw Suu back, preparing a secretariat room for her at party headquarters,” said Win Tin, secretary of the NLD and a close associate with Suu Kyi.

Suu Kyi is due to be released on Saturday (Nov.13), according to her lawyer Nyan Win. Meanwhile, the Burmese authorities have tightened the security in Rangoon.

Asked whether Suu Kyi will immediately re-engage in politics or focus more on humanitarian issues after her release, Win Tin said: “It is not my decision, but I believe she will focus on politics and we will also urge her to resume her leadership, especially when our country's politics is in a state of emergency.”

“Daw Suu is passionate to be involved in the humanitarian works that the NLD has been extending out at the grassroots level to help people since the aftermath of the cyclone Nargis. We are now getting momentum in this area and I personally want to urge her to restore her leadership that the people really want and need.”

Regarding her political stand on the junta, Win Tin said Suu Kyi has always kept the door open to dialogue with the junta and he believes she will remain open to such dialogue.

He even hoped her release would come today because the generals who believe in astrology may think the date 11/11 (Nov. 11) would be auspicious for her release. But a Rangoon resident said: “Nothing is certain, including her release, under military rule.”