domingo, 10 de mayo de 2009

Mejores noticias sobre el Nargis- Mayo 2008

Cyclone Survivors Bullied by Soldiers

Burma Must Stop Evicting Cyclone Survivors, Rights Groups Say

Burma Aid Obstruction Cost Tens of Thousands of Lives, US Defense Chief Says

Burma: Asean Steps in Where Others Fear to Tread

Burmese Celebrities Try to Help Survivors

The Depayin Massacre, Five Years Later

Experts Denounce Referendum as ‘Neither Free nor Fair’

UN Confirms Cyclone Refugees Forced Back to Devastated Villages

Increased Risk of Unrest after Nargis: Congressional Report

UN Chief Walks Tightrope to Win Burma Aid Concessions

UN Sees Major Disease Threat in Burma

No More Proxies: Myanmar Teleport

Junta Article Attacks ‘Open Access’

US Invited Burmese Officials to Ride in Relief Helicopters

Bangladeshi Govt to Repatriate Rohingya Refugees

Burma Grants All UN Visa Requests

'Race against Time' to Plant Burma Rice Crop

Massive Forced Evictions in Refugee Camps

Regime Must Explain Suu Kyi’s Detention: NLD

Salt and Fisheries Industries at a Standstill

Nargis: A Cash Cow for the Regime?

Burma’s Censors Vet In-Depth Cyclone Reports

Amnesty Calls Burma ‘Human Rights Flashpoint’

Shan Migrant Workers Appeal Compensation Claim

Ban Regrets Extension of Suu Kyi's House Arrest

Cyclone Survivors Bullied by Soldiers

NLD Members Arrested; Suu Kyi’s Sentence Extended

Cyclone Nargis Leaves HIV/AIDS Patients More Vulnerable

Rice Farmers Told to Prepare their Fields Again

Conditions Ripe for Disease in Irrawaddy Delta

Helpless and Stranded

Few Aid Workers in the Delta, Say Aid Groups

Skepticism Surfaces at Rangoon Donor Conference

Burma’s Navy Suffers Strategic Losses

Referendum Approved in Cyclone-hit Areas

International Donors to Burma Demand Access

Fire Destroys Floor at Burmese Embassy in Bangkok

Cyclone Survivors Forcibly Evicted

Cyclone Increases Army Looting on Burma Borders

Donor Conference to Raise Funds for Burma

Aid Agencies Cautiously Welcome Burma Pledge

Cautious Optimism over Than Shwe-Ban Agreement

Suu Kyi Must be Freed, Say US Lawyers

Humanitarian Aid Also Needed for Thai Border Refugees

‘We All Were in Tears’

Local People Respond to Call for Aid

Authorities Tighten Restrictions on Private Aid Efforts

France to Seek UN Resolution on Burma Aid Deliveries

UN Chief: Burma to Allow All Aid Workers

Junta Wants $11 Billion in Aid

NLD Members Arrested

Maradona: ‘Set Her Free!’

KNU Chairman Dies

Volunteers Turn to Task of Collecting Bodies

No Serious Outbreaks of Infectious Diseases

No Time Left for Diplomatic Options: Sein Win

UN Chief Arrives in Rangoon

UN and Burma: A History of Suspicion and Failure

Cyclone Survivors Don’t Want UN Chief to Visit Delta

Monks Coordinate Aid, as Private Donations Trickle In

A Survivor’s Story

8 Burmese Journalists Arrested in Laputta

Western Burma Struggling with Shortages

Children of the Cyclone

Burma Continues to Recruit Child Soldiers

Thailand Raises Money for Cyclone Victims

Junta Warned it will be Held Responsible for Further Deaths

UN Sec-Gen to meet Snr-Gen Than Shwe

China Shows the Generals How to Mourn

Reconstruction Just Propaganda, Say Rangoon Residents

Leading Monks Send Money, Aid to Refugees

Diarrhea, Dysentery Widespread among Refugees

Three Days of Mourning Begin in Burma

World Bank Rules Out Financial Aid for Burma

Gambari: Missing in Action

US Hopes Ban Ki-moon can get Greater Relief Access

US Aid at Half Capacity

Not Much Aid Reaching Laputta Victims

Asean to Handle Foreign Aid for Burma

UN Chief to Visit Burma

Than Shwe Makes First Visit to Relief Camp

Save the Children Warns of Starvation in Burma

With the Refugees in Laputta

No Time to Lose: Ban to General Assembly

French Navy Ship Waits near Burma

Worried Burmese Migrants Chip in Aid from Thailand

An Abandoned Capital and an Abandoned People

Regime Cronies Win Contracts for Cyclone Reconstruction Work

If Humanitarian Intervention Happens, Then What?

Rights Group Warns Donors to Monitor Aid

Local Heroes Emerge to Help Cyclone Victims

UN Says Nobody Knows Full Extent of Cyclone Disaster

Burmese Relief Workers Bring Aid to Desperate Villagers

Nobel Laureates Call for Aid Action

A Trickle of Aid Reaches Survivors

Behind the Story in Laputta

Cyclone Survivors Told to Return to Shattered Homes

Time to Invoke ‘Responsibility to Protect’: Burmese Activists

Asean Assessment Team Expected in Burma Today

Junta Says Constitution Approved

Un Chief Calls Emergency Meeting on Burma

NLD Slams Plan for May 24 Referendum Vote

Authorities Harass Local NGOs, Private Donors

US Sends Five More Aid-loaded Planes to Burma

Burma Seeks Help from Neighbors

Activists Urge Asean to be Proactive

UN says Another Cyclone Forming near Burma

Two Natural Disasters, Two Different Responses

More Needs to be Done in Burma: UK, US Ambassadors

Many Cyclone Survivors Traumatized

Danger: Getting the Truth Out of Burma

Most Cyclone Victims Without Relief; Regime Accused of Stealing Aid

Britain Orders Warship to Deploy off Burma

Junta Leader Won’t Answer My Calls: Ban Ki-moon

Thai PM to Travel to Burma at UN Chief’s Request

Regime Seals Off the Irrawaddy Delta to Foreigners

Monks Help Cyclone Victims Despite Military Pressure

Humanitarian Intervention Calls Increase

Burmese Officials Skimming Cyclone Aid

Burmese Navy Decimated in Cyclone

Rangoon Struggles to Survive

Mandalay Referendum Vote a Non-event

US Navy Ships Move Closer to Burma

US Begins Airlifting Aid to Burma

Bodies Litter Burma Delta; Survivors Focus on Staying Alive

Red Cross Boat for Burma Cyclone Victims Sinks

France Backtracking on Intervention

Preventing Disease Outbreaks is 'Race against Time'

Misery in Laputta

‘Unimaginable Tragedy’ if Burma Keeps Delaying Aid

Massive Cheating Reported from Referendum Polling Stations

The Smell of Death and Destruction

The Irrawaddy Delta: Before the Cyclone

Another Storm Front Approaches Burma

Junta Distributes Foreign Aid—But with Generals' Names

UN Resumes Aid Flights; US Readies C-130 Flight

UN Aid Trucks Cross Burma Border

Pledges for Cyclone Relief Reach $77 million

Slow Start to Referendum

China Can Save Cyclone Survivors, Says Sein Win

UN Suspends Aid Shipment to Burma

Cyclone Survivors Now Racked by Disease

Pro-government Thugs Attack Relief Vehicles

Canadian PM Meets Burma’s Exiled Leader

Why Is Burma Junta Afraid of Letting Foreign Aid Workers?

US Ready to Air Drop Aid to Irrawaddy Delta

Eight UNSC Members Oppose French Plan for Burma

HRW Says Cyclone Relief More Important Than Referendum

UN Chief Urges Burma to Postpone Referendum

Burma’s ‘Rice Basket’ Knocked out, say Experts

Junta Wants Foreign Aid, Not Foreign Aid Workers

Burmese Junta Urges Patriotic 'Yes' to Referendum

Survivors See Only Despair in Cyclone's Wake

Thai PM to Fly to Burma to Press Aid Issue

'Eighty Thousand People Dead’; Cholera Cases Reported

A Cyclone Diary

Forty Percent of Dead, Missing may be Children

Aid Finally Arrives

India, Thailand Warned Burma of Approaching Cyclone

‘We are being Prevented from Talking about Burma at UNSC’: French Ambassador

Suu Kyi's House Roof Blown off

Thousands Dead; Than Shwe in Hiding

Burma Backtracks on US aid Flight

UN Frustrated over Visa, Custom Delays

International Aid Contributions

Scenes from Hlaing Tharyar Township West of Rangoon

Monks Aid Survivors; Authorities Sell Roofing Material

Survivors in Delta Still Waiting for Aid

Rangoon Struggling to Restore Utilities

Burma’s Rice Region Decimated—Food Shortage Feared

Visa Formalities Holding Up UN Team

Bush Pushes for US Relief Teams in Burma

US House Urges Bush, UN to Reject Draft Constitution

Deadly Cyclone Poses Political Threat to Ruling Generals

UN Begins Food Distribution in Cyclone-ravaged Burma

Rangoon Residents Bear the Brunt of Clean up Efforts

UN Aid Has Yet to Reach Burma

WHO Says Burma Faces Major Health Worries

Laura Bush Comments ‘Inappropriate’ Says Analyst

Residents Say 22 Villages Destroyed in Laputta Township

Burmese Officials Go AWOL to Search for Relatives

Referendum Vote to be Held on Saturday

Divine Intervention?

Burma Death Toll Climbs Past 22,500

Junta May Seek International Aid

Cyclone Could Unleash Political Upheaval

Dozens Reported Dead in Insein Prison Clash

Citizens of Rangoon Start Clean up after Cyclone Nargis

Aid Agencies Struggle to Assess Burma Cyclone Damage

UN Offers to Organize International Aid for Burma

Nearly 4,000 People Dead; 3,000 People Missing

Number of Dead, Injured Expected to Climb

Commodity Prices Rise in Devastated Rangoon

UNSC Issues Presidential Statement on Burma

World Press Freedom Day—But Not for Burmese

Arakan State to Vote ‘No’: Irrawaddy Survey

Category 3 Cyclone Hammers Rangoon

Burmese Residents Facing Intimidation

Junta Says Suu Kyi Can Vote

Dangerous Cyclone Raking Across Burma

Military Offensive Affecting Karen Children: KHRG

Bush Slaps another Round of Sanctions on Burma

Suu Kyi among 100 Most Influential People: Time magazine

UNLD Calls for Referendum Boycott

Burma's Political Transition Needs People Power

Burma Activists Tap Celebrity Power for Suu Kyi

Burmese Biofuel Policy a Debacle: Report

Than Shwe Urges Workers to Vote ‘Yes’