sábado, 29 de agosto de 2009

En el Estado de Arakan, los activistas siguen la resistencia

Taungup: Unknown democratic activists in Taungup of Arakan State started distributing posters and pamphlets calling for the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all political prisoners in Burma, said an NLD member in the town.

"We saw some posters and pamphlets with Daw Suu's portrait in the gate of my house in the early morning of Sunday. But I did not know who distributed the flyers in front of my house. In the posters and pamphlets there is some text calling on the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi unconditionally and immediately," he said.

Another townsperson from Gu Dar Ward said, "I saw a poster with the portrait of Daw Suu with her father, national hero Aung San, in which the activists demanded the release of Daw Suu now. I heard many posters were distributed by the activists throughout Taungup."

The posters were likely distributed during the night throughout the wards in Taungup, including Gu Dar, Chaung Gauk, Kan Pai, Thein Daung, and Kai Chay Bridge.

A team of police from Taungup quickly reached the locations soon after information spread about the posters. The police team seized all posters and brought them to the police station.

"Despite the police seizing the posters, some townspeople, mostly youth, brought the posters to show among their friends one after the other," the source said.

Police in Taungup are now searching for the people who distributed the posters but have yet to arrest anyone in connection with the action.

"In Taungup, the White Campaign for Daw Suu's release is being carried out by democratic activists and this poster campaign is related to that," said the NLD member.

Taungup is located in southern Arakan State and has been the site of many demonstrations against the military government since 2007. Taungup has played an important role in the Burmese democracy movement and nearly a dozen activists from the town have been sentenced to prison for their involvement in anti-military government protests.