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Student activist

Born: 18 October 1962
Organization: 88 Generation Students
Prison: Kengtung (Shan State)

• In 1988, Min Ko Naing played an active role during the nationwide uprising against the military regime as a Rangoon University student. He formed and organized the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU), a nationwide student union to oppose decades of illegitimate military rule.

• On 28 August 1988 he was elected Chairperson of the All Burma Federation of Student Unions (ABFSU).

• He organized a “civil disobedience” movement to protests the military regime’s Order 2/88, which forbids gatherings of more than four people.

• On 23 March 1989 military authorities arrested him for repeatedly violating Order No 2/88. He was detained in solitary confinement in Insein prison.

• On 17 December 1991, he was sentenced to 20 years in jail under Section 5(j) of the 1950 Emergency Provisions Act. His sentence was commuted to 10 years under a general amnesty in January 1993.

• On 21 July 1999, he was charged under Article 10(a) of the 1975 State Protection Law.

• He was released on 19 November 2004. After his release SPDC authorities repeatedly harassed him. During the first week of December 2004, state-run newspapers ran several publications detailing his activities, highlighting connections with diplomats including their private conversations. The regime stepped up surveillance near his residence and military intelligence agents constantly monitored him.

• On 27 September 2006, the SPDC arrested him together with four other former student leaders. On 2 November 2006, the police chief accused them of accepting money from the British and American embassies for a bomb attack. He was charged under Article 5(j) of the 1950 Emergency Provision Act at Rangoon’s Bahan Township court. He was released on 11 January 2007.

• On the night of 21 August 2007, SPDC authorities arrested him in connection with the demonstrations protesting increased fuel prices in Rangoon. He was detained in Insein prison.

• The SPDC charged him under Law 5/96. The regime has used Law 5/96, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years’ jail, to imprison activists who criticize the constitution-drafting process. The SPDC also charged him for violating the Printing and Publishing Act.

• On 29 October 2008, he was sentenced to six months in prison for contempt of court.

• On 31 October 2008, he was transferred from Insein prison to Maubin prison in Irrawaddy Division.

• On 11 November 2008, he was sentenced to 65 more years in prison and subsequently transferred from Maubin prison to Kengtung prison in Shan State.

• He suffers from a serious eye problem and has been denied medical treatment.